🏪Buy & Sell Land and Items

Presently, the Marketplace ↗ allows you to browse and purchase items listed for sale by other users. You can also list your own items for sale, making them visible to others here.

Purchasing items on the marketplace is straightforward and can be done in two ways: instantly through Buy Now or by participating in an Auction. You can also Make an Offer for items listed as Buy Now if you prefer to negotiate 🤫. Items may only be available for purchase through either Auction or Buy Now, not both. To choose the type of sale, you can use the filter options available on the Market page.

Buy Now

These items can be sold instantly; there's no need to wait or participate in an auction.

Make an Offer

For items listed as Buy Now you can also Make an Offer. You can cancel your offer whenever you like. You can keep track of the offers you have made through the Bids & Offers page.

Buy via Auction

These items are sold via a 24-hour auction. The reserve price indicates the starting price of the auction.

The countdown begins when the first bid is placed. However, if someone bids within the last 30 minutes before the auction ends, the countdown is extended by an additional 30 minutes!

You can also keep track of the items you have placed a bid on through the Bids & Offers page.

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