🎮How to Start Playing

Learn how you can start playing My Neighbor Alice!

Ready to embark on a decentralized journey of Web3? Let's get you started playing My Neighbor Alice!

My Neighbor Alice is currently in Beta. This means that the game is only available to play for the public in so-called Seasons, which are announced ahead of time via our Social Channels, so keep an eye on them! 👀

Once a Season is live, you'll require a few things to play:

  • A Web3 Wallet

  • Connect to My Neighbor Alice

  • Get Access to Land

  • Download the Game

Set up our Web3 Wallet

Before playing, you need a wallet. This holds all your cryptocurrency and enables you to manage your items and digital assets, such as NFTs, in one place!

There are a few options when it comes to wallets, and we'll go through the most common ones:


The easiest option is to use a Venly Wallet. With Venly, you can create a wallet using social credentials such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

We've written a handy guide which you can find here:

MetaMask Wallet

Another popular wallet in the Web3 world is MetaMask. It's a browser extension that gives you full ownership over all your assets and cryptocurrencies.

Connect to My Neighbor Alice

The next step is to connect your Web3 Wallet to our game!

This is done by heading to https://play.myneighboralice.com/ or clicking the panel below:

This will bring you to the Marketplace of My Neighbor Alice

Here, click on "Connect Wallet" in the top right:

Select the Web3 Wallet solution of your choice (we recommend Venly, as it's the easiest - see Login with Venly Wallet)

Once connected, the website should display your Wallet Address in the top right.

Next, head to the Alpha Access Page:

Create Chromia Game Account

Here, you create a Chromia Game Account. This step is easy - if you're logged in with your wallet, press on "Sign in with Chromia SSO" and your game account is automatically created based on your connected wallet!

This opens a new page:

Press "Register", follow the instructions (based on your Wallet) and you're done!

Back at the Alpha Access Page it should now show a Chromia Account ID.

Get Access to Land

In order to play My Neighbor Alice, currently each player requires access to Land.

There are a few options:

  • Free Trial: Starting with Season 3, we offer a free piece of Land for our players!

  • Own Land: Each land is a NFT and players can own them. The best option is to acquire one on our Marketplace.

  • Rent Land: Starting with Season 3, Players can rent parts of their Land to other Players!

Free Trial

Since Alpha Season 3, every player can claim their own free piece of land!

To do so, go to the Alpha Access page:

If you're logged in, simply press "Claim a free trial parcel". The land should now appear in your inventory - you're ready to play!

Own Land

If you're serious about My Neighbor Alice you can own your very own piece of Land!

The easiest way to acquire land is to head to our online Marketplace:

Here you can see all Lands which are currently on sale by other players.

Click on a Land to see it's details:

Here you can bid on a Land - once 24 hours pass (and no one else outbids you!) the land will be yours and you're ready to play!

Download the Game

The last step is to download and install the game!

To do so, head to Alpha Access and download our Game Launcher:

Once downloaded, start the installer and follow the instructions, then start the Launcher.

In the launcher, download the game client and connect your Game Account.

Press play and you're in the game 🎉

See you in Lummelunda!

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