๐ŸšขRelease Notes

Stay up-to-date on what has changed and when.

Beta Season 1



  • Fixed issue with the seed planting quest not updating as expected

  • Fixed issue where spamming 'E' could get the game stuck

  • Fixed issue with quest log not showing steps for unpinned quests in quest log

  • Fixed issue with quests involding placing objects not updating if the item got placed before getting to the step

  • Localization fixes


  • Rebalancing of seeds, crops and crafts


Trading System

Engage in a dynamic player-driven marketplace. Freely exchange items and resources, fostering a thriving economy based on player collaboration and strategy.

Emote System

Unlock and collect unique emotes. Showcase these emotes to enrich your social interactions within the game.

Alpha Season 4



  • Resolved the drop in frames issue when loading land plots

  • Resolved a glitch in the ELLE Town Hub board



  • Gathering Resource Nodes will now automatically switch to the most appropriate Tier tool (e.g. mining a T1 resource will equip your T1 tool)

  • Added visual Resource Node gathering effects

  • Tool animations can now be triggered without having to gather resources

  • The Fish information is now visible for all the fish types

  • Improved the UI for the Tool Wheel

  • Added new ambient variations of the regional soundtracks

  • Added new musical reward sounds for quest completions and item claims


  • Resolved an error that would occur in quests under certain conditions

  • Adjusted the brightness for the Yellow t-shirt

  • Resolved the issue where Resource Nodes would merge with terrain

  • Resolved the issue where the customized color would not apply for several of the craft-able items

  • Resolved the issue where the Bait icon would sometime display even when you didn't have any remaining in your inventory

  • Resolved an issue where you wouldn't see the Flute properly for nearby players



  • Resolved a potential float accuracy issue causing harvesting to be interrupted.

  • Resolved a missing texture on Elle Sophistication.

  • Resolved hat placement on Elle Sophistication.

  • Resolved an issue where, in some cases, the client reported the wrong soil quality.

  • Resolved the duplicated messages in the Chat.

  • Resolved the issue of seed types switching automatically while planting many seeds in a row.

  • Resolved an issue occurring to players owning multiple adjacent plots while trying to move resource nodes.

  • Reduced the clothes clipping with the Avatar's body while playing some animations; more work will follow.

  • Resolved the plant progress bar not being displayed and updated correctly under certain conditions.

  • Resolved the Crafting stations error popup that was occasionally displayed when interacting with them.



  • Increased durability of all tools (roughly doubled).

  • Significant decrease in the cost of landscaping tickets from Tier 2 to Tier 1.

  • Decreased input costs for most refinery recipes.

  • Reduced crafting time for Tier 1 recipes.


Bulk Crafting

  • Crafting has never been so easy - you can now craft multiple tokens at the same time.


  • Transform your land with ease and make it your own.

Resource Nodes

  • Learn how to use new tools and be ready to get your hands on new resources.

Alpha Season 3.5


Performance Improvements

  • A major performance increase to allow a lot of players to craft much more items.


  • Players can now earn rewards from their crafted items crafted using $ALICE tokens.

Alpha Season 3


ALICE Token Bridge

  • $ALICE gets utility for the first time inside the game. The official decentralized and secure token bridge developed by Chromia gets used in a production setting for the first time.


  • Crafting is the key to bringing NFTs to life and is one of the most exciting activities in the archipelago.

  • Some NFTs need $ALICE to be crafted!โ€จThese are special NFTs: a portion of $ALICE will remain locked within the NFTs and may unlock special benefits & rewards. When you want, you can destroy the NFT anytime and get back some % of the tokens.

  • Some NFTs donโ€™t need $ALICE to be crafted! These NFTs can be crafted by using in-game resources ONLY.

ELLE Brand Experience

  • We entered into a landmark partnership with the iconic brand ELLE, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience that blends fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.

  • Visit the ELLE plots and craft fashionable assets.

Free Trials

  • For the first time, My Neighbor Alice is easily accessible to the public by allowing players to get a free land plot to participate and help us test the game.

Alpha Season 2



  • A refreshed way of customizing your avatars with the newly introduced Saloon.

Community Quests

  • Work together with your fellow neighbors on completing shared Community Quests.

  • Community Quests are the first version of a DAO since it allows players to choose different options and vote by contributing resources. These options will impact the design of the game.


  • Exchange the fish you catch for seeds.

  • Grow plants from your seeds in order to receive material that can be used to manufacture more advanced materials and objects.

NFT Bridge

  • Bridge all your My Neighbor Alice Equippable & Placeable NFTs from Binance Smart Chain and utilize them inside the game.

Open World

  • Walk right over to your neighbor and see what they are up to in real-time.


  • Self-express and customize how your land looks like by decorating it according to your style and taste.

Alpha Season 1



  • Fishing is one of the ways neighbors can collect resources in My Neighbor Alice.

Land Plots

  • Bridge your land plot to Chromia blockchain for the first time in order to use it inside the game and participate in Alpha Season 1.

  • Visit your land plot for the first time.

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